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Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Operating a CO2 system without nocturnal switchoff?

Hello, basically, there are the following ways to interrupt CO2 addition at night: a pH regulated solenoid valve (seramic pH Controller) a solenoid valve triggered by a timer a...

Freshwater Care

Does hornwort not grow roots?

Hello, it will grow roots after a few days if you plant it into the bottom gravel. However, these are small and in no way comparable to those of an Echinodorus, Vallisneria etc. The...


Biological activation delayed by filter "cleaning"

Hello, please be patient - the filter 'cleaning' unfortunately has delayed the biological activation process considerably. Just do not do anything at all at the moment (except adding...

Freshwater Care

Blue-green algae / Cyanobacteria

Hello, Blue-green "algae" (more precisely: cyanobacteria, because they are actually not real algae but rather bacteria that are able to perform biosynthesis) unfortunately may be...

Freshwater Care

CO2 dosage

Hello, one bubble per 10 liters and minute, or 16 bubbles in this case, are a guideline. However, this is really just a rough value, as the actual requirement depends on the...

Freshwater Fish

Discus and Altum angelfish together?

Hello, this is indeed possible with juvenile or half grown fish if you leave out the shrimps (which would otherwise end up as fish food sooner or later). But with the remaining stock...

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