Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Care

What can I do about elevated nitrite levels (nitrite peak)?

Hello, using sera toxivec plus very generuous partial water changes - however without filter "cleaning" - are recommended as immediate measures. The so-called nitrite peak will then...


What can I do against cloudiness?

Hello, cloudiness may be due to infusoria (micro organisms) or fine sand particles  being swirled up, this often occurs in aquariums that are not fully biologically mature yet. The...

Pond Fish

What can I do if goldfish multiply too strongly?

Hello, adding predators is basically alright, although I surmise that we are not alking "real" perches here - these are not suitable for common garden ponds - but probably sunfish (L...

Freshwater Diseases

What can I use to treat fungal infections when there are shrimps in the tank?

Hello, sera omnipur can be used in such cases since it is copper free. sera mycopur, however, is not tolerated by shrimps due to its - albeit low - copper contents. Best regards se...


What do I have to consider when using sand as bottom material?

Hello, sand is generally well suited for aquariums, there are just two things to consider: The sand must be round grained (see "Types" below for details), and its grain size should...

Marine water

What do I need for setting up a saltwater aquarium with 220 liters?

Hello, you should include the following: heater (the wattage depends on the desired water temperature as well as the surrounding temperature) lighting (type and intensity depend...

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