Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Care

How can I remove algae from the bottom ground and the plant leaves?

Hello, you can simply siphon off algae from the bottom ground, provided they come off. A soft cloth or a soft toothbrush will work quite well in plant leaves.The same applies for...

Freshwater Fish

How can I catch fish that cannot be caught with a net?

Hello, it is in many cases sufficient to use two nets:Use one net (usually the smaller one) for chasing the fish into the calmly held second net. This is rather successful after some...

Freshwater Fish

How do I carry out a proper quarantine?

Hello, about 4 weeks are recommended unless this period does not prolong due to possible disease outbreaks and the subsequent treatment. The fish are normally fed during this time.Th...

Freshwater Diseases

How to carry out a treatment against gill flukes

Hello, first signs of improvement can usually be seen after 2 - 5 days, depending on how severe the infestation is. Complete recovery may take up to 2 weeks, the main part of which...

Freshwater Diseases

How to proceed in case of a repeated treatment with sera mycopur?

Hello, in this case you can and should repeat the treatment after a water change of about 50%. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

Freshwater Care

What can I do about elevated nitrite levels (nitrite peak)?

Hello, using sera toxivec plus very generuous partial water changes - however without filter "cleaning" - are recommended as immediate measures. The so-called nitrite peak will then...

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