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Freshwater Technical equipment Care

sera CO2 reactor: Connection and installation

Hello, the sera CO2 reactor is connected to the aquarium filter (internal or external filter) or a separate water pump via the larger hose connector. This ensures sufficient pressure...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

sera CO2 reactor: Removing other gases

Hello, just take off one of the intake hoses and allow the gas bubble to escape through the hose connector! The main concern is in this case nitrogen as it indeed does not dissolve...

Freshwater Care

sera CO2-Start suitable for 112 liters?

Hello, yes it is, unless the tank is not planted extremely densely with plants that have very high light and CO2 requirements. Dissolution requires a few minutes - due to the...

Freshwater Care

sera CO2-Start: Dosage of the sera CO2-Tabs plus / How does the system work?

Hello, this, of course, basically depends on the plants you keep (species, number, size) and the other growth parameters (light, minerals, temperature, conductivity, kind of bottom...

Freshwater Technical equipment Care

Divide sera CO2-Tabs into pieces?

Hello, this is not really necessary since the diffusion reactor itself ensures even distribution. However, there is nothing to say against it either - so if you prefer this method:...

Freshwater Care

sera florenette on top of or in the gravel?

Hello, it does not matter - if you consider the tablets unsightly you can also push them into the bottom gravel! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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