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Freshwater Fish

Is it normal that Altolamprologus calvus grow very slowly?

Hello, Concerning "growth":yes, this is normal! Altolamprologus indeed grow very slowly.A 10 cm female would be a really capital specimen, although they may occasionally reach this...

Freshwater Fish

Is it possible that Ancistrus catfish attach themselves to other fish?

Hello, yes, this is actually possible. Some loricariids tend to attach themselves to other fish occasionally, which may lead to skin damages. Keeping tropical fish and goldfish...

Freshwater Fish

Can fish change their gender?

Hello, this actually occurs in some species, it is mainly known from some marine fish, e.g. several wrasses and the well known clownfish. In case of the latter, all fry are born as...

Freshwater Fish

Do different Corydoras species cross-breed?

Hello, there have indeed been reports about hybridizations of that kind. It is therefore advisable to keep just one Corydoras species per aquarium as to maintain pure species. If...

Freshwater Fish

Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) attack older juveniles when there are new eggs

Hello, generally, the parents only want to chase away the older fry, but losses may indeed occur due to lacking space especially in a (too!) small tank if they cannot get out of the...

Freshwater Fish

Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) become pale upon transfer into a breeding tank

Hello, this is one of several possibilities, but there may also be other reasons (e.g. unsuitable water parameters, insufficient space, unsuitable setup, transfer stress etc.). These...

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