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Freshwater Care

sera florenette on top of or in the gravel?

Hello, it does not matter - if you consider the tablets unsightly you can also push them into the bottom gravel! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

Freshwater Care

sera super peat (blackpeat granulate): how much and how long?

Hello, you can calculate 4 - 6 weeks as an average.This also depends on the KH and the water change rate [see also FAQ "How long may peat granulate (sera super peat) remain in the...

Freshwater Care

What does "NO2-N" mean?

Hello, this is nitrite nitrogen, or in other words the N that is included in NO2. Correspondingly, both values (NO2 and NO2-N) can be converted into each other by simply multiplying...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Which CO2 unit for a 60 cm aquarium?

Hello, our sera CO2-Start with the corresponding sera CO2-Tabs plus is ideal for aquariums of this size - this system has been developed precisely for this kind of use! Best regards...

Freshwater Care

How can I remove spot algae growing on the aquarium glass?

Hello, there are suitable cleaning utensils (sera glas clear TA6, sera glass cleaner, sera scraper) for removing these spot shaped green algae and other layers on the panes. The sera...

Freshwater Care

Algae problems with very low nitrate and phosphate levels

Hello, this phenomenon is not that unlikely at all and occurs rather frequently, especially in case of floating algae. The reason is quite simple:the algae literally take up the...

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