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Freshwater Care

Lighting time in an aquarium?

Hello, concerning the lighting time, there are rather different opinions among both aquarists and aquarium literature. Where most aquarium fish and plants originate from, the day...

Freshwater Care

Does sera phosvec bind phosphates permanently, or can they get back in solution in the aquarium?

Hello, Concerning "water change":due to the high stock the water changes should rather be carried out weekly! Concerning "phosphate precipitation":this is very likely, as the liquid...

Freshwater Care

Brown layers on plant leaves / Diatoms

Hello, according to the description, they are very likely diatoms. The layers should feel like sandpaper in that case. Diatoms are pioneering organisms in newly set-up aquariums,...

Freshwater Care

Eggs or sporangia on Java fern?

Hello, according to the description, I can certainly exclude that these are angelfish eggs - if only because angelfish care for their fry and would guard them.I also think eggs of...

Freshwater Care

Does sera blackwater aquatan contain formaldehyde?

Hello, yes, this is indeed the case - sera blackwater aquatan does not contain any formaldehyde. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

Pond Care

Total hardness for keeping Koi

Hello, no, not at all. The common pond fish (Koi, goldfish, orfes, sturgeons etc.) can also be kept in hard water without any problems. A connection between hardness and coloration...

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