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Freshwater Food

Which food for angelfish?

Hello, sera Vipagran and sera Discus Granules are, for example, ideal staple foods, sera Granured and sera marin Granules (the latter one especially in water low in iodine) are also...

Freshwater Food

Which food for spiny eels?

Hello, for example, sera Granured, sera Vipagran and all FD foods are suited for juveniles - preferably soaked to make it sink better (the method is described in the FAQ "How can...

Freshwater Food

Catfish do not see their food

Hello, generally, the fish do not need to see their food that well - they can smell it easily and find food even when it is dark. Newly added fish are often still shy and need some...

Freshwater Food

How much water change in a 60 cm aquarium / How much food for catfish?

Hello, feeding catfish this way (sera Catfish Chips are, for instance, well suited) is alright, if (!) there is enough periphyton (algae etc.) and wood for rasping off. However, the...

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