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Freshwater Fish Food

Which food is suitable for Ancistrus catfish, Platies and Mollies?

Hello, in particular, sera Catfish Chips, sera Spirulina Tabs and sera Viformo are suitable for the catfish. sera Flora, sera GVG-Mix, sera Spirulina Tabs (attached to the aquarium...

Freshwater Fish

How large do Ancistrus catfish grow?

Hello, this is not entirely precisely predictable, because the common Ancistrus catfish very likely comprise several hybrids.Some of them grow to only about 7 cm, whereas others grow...

Freshwater Fish

How many Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) in 180 liters?

Hello, in the long run, you can in any case keep only one pair in the aquarium, the aquarium size is not sufficient for two pairs. It would be ideal if a possibly not accepted...

Freshwater Fish

How many angelfish for a 300 liter aquarium?

Hello, you can only keep one pair of adult angelfish in there. Additional specimens are, to say it in clear terms, certain death candidates! Juveniles live in larger groups from...

Freshwater Fish

Can I keep Dwarf Livebearers (Heterandria formosa) together with Platies and Corydoras?

Hello, there are no objections against small Corydoras (Corydoras habrosus, C. hastatus and C. pygmaeus) −  however, the aquarium should be abundantly planted and provide a thicket...

Pond Freshwater Fish

Can I keep aquarium fish in a pond during summer?

Hello, plants growing up to the surface (floating plants and/or plants that reach the surface) should be present especially near the banks as to provide shelter (also from birds!). ...

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