Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Diseases

Betta has no upper lip

Hello, this can be due to a disease (was there possibly any kind of skin slime visible?) or an injury. If it was that way from the beginning, a misshaping (e.g. by mineral of...


Biofilm on the surface

Hello, such a biofilm (which, by the way, may also be greenish) occasionally occurs if there are excess organic pollutants (proteins, carbohydrates, etc.) that serve as nutrients for...

Freshwater Care

Black algae in a goldfish aquarium

Hello, the pustules and threads are probably black spot and/or beard/brush algae, which biologically belong to the red algae. In this case it is advisable to lower the phosphate and...

Freshwater Diseases

Black fin edges after a fin rot treatment

Hello, this kind of black edge sometimes occurs after a successfully treated bacterial infection - it usually heals more or less completely. No further treatment is required if there...

Freshwater Diseases

Black Mollies have protruding eyes and skin slime

Hello, I think fungi are indeed very unlikely, as they look like cotton fluff or mold (which it actually is).In case of milky layers an infestation with bacteria or single celled...


Bottom gravel is clogged by sludge

Hello, it is in this case advisable to simply use a gravel washer during the water changes. Generally, the problem occurs mainly with coarse gravel. The gaps are simply larger,...

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