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Freshwater Fish

Trigonostigma (formerly: Rasbora) espei are courting

Hello, Concerning "spawn":this indeed sounds as if there will be offspring soon! Concerning "water parameters":the water should be soft and slightly acidic, peat filtration is...

Freshwater Fish

A few questions about Spot Finned Spiny Eels (Macrognathus aculeatus)

Hello, Concerning "pair-housed":there are no objections in an appropriately large (above 300 liters) and well structured aquarium with plenty of hideaways near the bottom. Soft...


Biological activation delayed by filter "cleaning"

Hello, please be patient - the filter 'cleaning' unfortunately has delayed the biological activation process considerably. Just do not do anything at all at the moment (except adding...

Freshwater Fish

Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons) in a community tank? / Fish as gifts?

Hello, Concering "keeping":this will not be possible in the long run, since knifefish are rather greedy predators. Concerning "eat smaller fish":this will certainly happen! However,...

Freshwater Fish

Black Widow Tetras (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) spawned

Hello, Concerning "spawn mold":It is also possible that the eggs were not or only partially fertilized. Unfertilized eggs quickly fall apart and become moldy, mold can then also...

Freshwater Care

Blue-green algae / Cyanobacteria

Hello, Blue-green "algae" (more precisely: cyanobacteria, because they are actually not real algae but rather bacteria that are able to perform biosynthesis) unfortunately may be...

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