Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which pump is suitable for the sera gravel cleaner?

Hello, it must push the air up to the bottom end of  the sera gravel cleaner (where the air passes into the main tube), that's all. Our sera air 110 plus is usually sufficient for...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which pump performance for a 230 liter aquarium?

Hello, this mainly depends on the fish - i.e. whether you keep species from standing or slowly flowing waters or ones with a strong current. A general statement is therefore...

Freshwater Fish

Which temperature for Discus?

Hello, it is actually possible to keep discus at temperatures from approximately 25°C upwards, it is only important that you do not lower the temperature too quickly. It does not...

Freshwater Invertebrates

White worms in the aquarium

Hello, they are rather likely so-called Oligochaetes. The thin diameter compared to the body length and the fact the fish eat them gives hints in this direction. These worms are...

Freshwater Diseases

Wound on a Black Molly

Hello, a small injury (loss of a scale) is usually not much of a problem and will heal by itself under hygienic conditions. You just have to take care that no secondary infection,...

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