aquatan now with a new composition: without colorants, with mineral substances

The water conditioner sera aquatan already belongs to the sera product range since more than 45 years and has been among the bestsellers ever since. Now, after having introduced sera Nature (ornamental fish food without dyes and preservatives), sera decided not to use colorants also in the water conditioning range. The optimized aquatan composition thus does not require any colorants, and from now on additionally contains calcium, magnesium, manganese and iodine in a bioavailable form. aquatan therefore not only removes toxic substances from the aquarium water, but at the same time adds important mineral substances. The advantages of the well composition are of course retained!

A part of the aquarium water must be changed in regular intervals as to ensure the animals and plants in the tank do well and remain healthy. Usually, common tap water is being used for water changes. Tap water is safe for us humans since it is being conditioned with the most modern methods that make it excellently suitable as drinking water. But drinking water is not aquarium water: Substances harmful for the aquarium inhabitants, such as chlorine or heavy metals may – in spite of modern drinking water conditioning – still be present in concentrations critical for the animals. The water conditioner sera aquatan allows conditioning the tap water to fish friendly water reliably in very short time. It removes chlorine and chloramines, binds heavy metals such as copper, zinc or lead, protects against ammonia and now also adds important mineral substances in bioavailable form to the water, from which fish, plants, invertebrates and useful micro organisms benefit. This includes:

  • Calcium for a strong, well proportioned skeleton and flawless scales
  • Magnesium for strong growth and muscles
  • Manganese for healthy growth and improved fertility
  • Iodine for a balanced development and better disease resistance


By doing so, sera aquatan ensures that tap water is immediately being conditioned to fish friendly, safe water for all fish, plants, invertebrates and micro organisms.

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