sera Nature: Natural ornamental fish food without dyes and preservatives

Interzoo 2018 product novelties in detail

At the Interzoo 2018, the biggest fair of the pet industry worldwide, sera presented several product novelties. sera Nature is a new food range presented by the company from Heinsberg, which consists of particularly natural food types. All six flake food types have in common that they are produced entirely without dyes and preservatives. Furthermore, valuable ingredients such as insect meal (in Vipan Nature and Goldy Nature) are added. The different Nature foods are available in the pet trade from now on.

The natural ingredients are what matters

Healthy nutrition is a current topic also in aquarium care. A high quality food is the basis and not only beneficial for the health but also for digestion. Food being digested easily by the fish leads to reduced water pollution and thus to better living conditions and lastingly clear water. According to current state of knowledge, a varied diet with ingredients close to nature is the best protection against possible deficiencies. Vital substances such as vitamins, pigments, antioxidants, complex secondary plant substances as well as prebiotics and probiotics are useful and essential substances that add to a food. According to current scientific findings, it is mainly the natural vital substances such as astaxanthin that have a particularly beneficial effect on the well-being, disease resistance and longevity. Astaxanthin is obtained from Haematococcus algae and does not only have antioxidant, fertility enhancing and immune strengthening properties, but additionally intensifies the coloration of the ornamental fish. Compared to synthetic astaxanthin, the natural, high price raw material leads to better results.

For a natural ornamental fish diet

With the new sera Nature food range, sera is presenting six different flake food types that make ornamental fish nutrition even more natural, because: they contain neither dyes nor preservatives. As the name already implies, they are based on the compositions of their namesakes (e.g. sera Vipan), but were enriched by further high quality ingredients. The Nature food types include sera Vipan Nature, San Nature, Flora Nature, Goldy Nature, GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature.

Insect meal as a high quality, sustainable protein source

Both Vipan Nature and Goldy Nature contain insect meal meeting the natural nutritional spectrum of the ornamental fish. However, there are further good reasons for using insect meal in ornamental fish food: The meals obtained from soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) is rich in protein, very easily digestible for ornamental fish and provides a nutrient profile as required. Additionally, manufacturing insect meal is very resource saving.

Krill rich in carotenoids for a natural color development

Both treats GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature as well as San Nature are characterized by an increased Krill percentage. Krill does not only support color development but at the same time increases acceptance, liveliness and readiness to spawn of the ornamental fish. These properties make Krill an ideal ingredient for color food such as the new San Nature. Due to the addition of dried, whole food animals, both treats GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature are rich in natural minerals and trace elements such as iodine, and enhance the health and the fertility of the ornamental fish.

Natural Spirulina with high percentages of herbal protein and carotenoids

The percentage of the valuable, natural Spirulina ingredient is increased in Flora Nature herbal food. Spirulina algae are plankton organisms that fit well into the natural nutritional spectrum of the ornamental fish. They are also considered some kind of “super food“, because: in effective concentrations they not only support optimally separated, brilliant and clear colors, but also provides the fish with high quality herbal protein, valuable omega fatty acids, plenty of vitamins as well as  minerals and trace elements. Spirulina is therefore an indispensable ingredient whose percentage is particularly high in Flora Nature.

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