sera wins the election for "pet product of the year" again

Reason for great joy at sera: For the fourth time in a row, we have won the award "pet product of the year" in the category aquaristics and thus brought the "quadruple" to Heinsberg. This year, the win is very special for us for several reasons: we have not only won by a large margin and for the fourth time, but also for the first time with a service offer: our digital learning platform for the pet trade, the "sera Academy". Many thanks to the pet trade for their continuous trust!

What is behind the "pet product of the year"?

"pet", a trade magazine for the pet trade and its digital counterpart "" calls for the election of the "pet product of the year" in various categories (e.g. dog/cat food, bird/rodent etc.) every year. Zoo specialist dealers and zoo specialist dealers from Germany may participate. It is an online reader's choice, in which all participants must vote for all categories. The voting starts in December, in March/April the winners are finally announced and are allowed to use the "pet product of the year" label from now on.

Which sera products have been awarded so far?

Let us start with the most recently awarded product - whereby we cannot speak of a product here, as already mentioned above: our sera Academy. This is our digital learning platform ("eLearning") for the pet trade. At present, we offer it exclusively in German, but soon the offer will also be available for the French and English-speaking pet trade. On our platform, pet retailers will find product and topic training courses in the field of freshwater aquarium care. Very soon, courses for marine aquarium care, terrarium care and garden ponds will be added. In addition, since the start of the sera Academy, we also offer an extensive seminar program for the German-speaking region. Our speakers Dieter Untergasser, Elena Rathgeber and Oliver Helker hold 1 to 3 hour seminars on basic as well as special topics concerning aquarium care, terrarium care and garden ponds. All live seminars are certified by VDA and DGHT. After successful completion of a seminar (or also of our eLearning courses) the users automatically receive a personalized certificate for download.

Here is a short introduction of as well as an insight into our platform:


2022 our innovative filter medium sera siporax Nitrat-minus was awarded. Nitrate is a natural fertilizer and in high concentrations can lead to increased algae growth in the aquarium. With siporax Nitrat-minus Professional we offer a simple, sustainable and long-term solution for effective and constant nitrate breakdown. It consists of our proven biological high-performance filter medium made of sintered glass, siporax, which is encased in a degradable biopolymer ball. This is available to the nitrate-degrading bacteria, which find the perfect settlement surface in siporax, as a constant carbon source and thus as food. Due to the optimal carbon supply, the bacteria can perform constant denitrification. The well thought-out design of the ball also ensures that the water flow and thus the mass transport into the siporax tube is optimized. The bacteria can thus work optimally and the filter medium is almost maintenance-free and durable. For more information, see our video (which also features our colleague Elena Rathgeber!):



One year earlier, in 2021, we were able to convince in the election for "pet" product of the year with our sustainable food concept with the food types Insect Nature, pond Insect Nature and Turtle Adult Nature. Sustainable products have become an integral part of our lives. The ecological footprint plays an increasingly important role. So it is only logical that with the products just mentioned we offer foods that are not only made from sustainable ingredients, but are also packaged accordingly:  The food can consists of 35% sugar cane. The part of the plant used for the cans is a waste product from the extraction of sugar. As a renewable raw material, sugar cane is harvested after just 12 months and goes through several processes until it is 100% recycled. It is the first can that can not only be completely recycled, but also consists largely of sustainable raw materials. The three sustainable Nature feeds also naturally consider the natural nutrition of the animals and at the same time contribute to CO2 reduction.



We received the first award in 2020 for our well thought-out, innovative aquarium concept, which consisted of the sera Scaper Cubes at that time and was supplemented by the AquaTanks a short time later. In just a few steps, end consumers can put together their individual dream aquarium. In addition to the three aquariums incl. internal filter and safety pad, the concept includes lighting packages, pre-assembled hardscapes, three base cabinets with six door colors as well as various accessory packages. The ordering process was also new at that time: For the first time, sera offered dropshipping, so that the packages were sent directly to the end user in the name of the retailer. For the retailer this means: no tied-up capital, as no stock has to be built up. The end user, in return, does not have to lug heavy packages and can start using his aquarium directly. Getting started in aquarium care has never been so easy! For both the end consumer and the retailer, sera's new aquarium concept thus put the focus on customer service.


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