The aquarium range grows

Three big aquariums add to the range

With the AquaTanks, sera is presenting the second aquarium range within shortest time. After the big success of the sera Scaper Cubes the range is extended by three additional tank sizes. On a basic area of 82 x 40 cm (32.3. x 15.7 in.), the AquaTanks have a height of 30, 40 or 50 cm (12, 16 or 20 in.), providing space for 96, 128 and 160 liters (25, 34 or 42 US gal., respectively). The aquarium sets consist of everything required for the direct start and beginning: efficient internal filter, modern and energy saving LED lighting, heater with protection against burns for fish and a cabinet that can be freely configured.

Additional design options available

Just like the sera Scaper Cubes, the AquaTanks and their accessories can be combined and designed according to own ideas. But not everything is identical. The sera fiXture provides an alternative to the sera Tube Holders. The included LED lighting thus can be mounted in an aluminum fixture and be used as a elegant overtank luminaire. It can quickly and easily be pushed aside or taken off for easily accessing all areas in the aquarium, e.g. for setup or maintenance. The transparent acrylic glass holders are of course still available and allow for lighting across the entire width of the tank and with great design.

Design meets variation – A cabinet in 18 versions

The new AquaTanks include a modern cabinet. Besides the height (80, 90 or 100 cm / 32, 36 or 40 in.) the door can also be selected individually. The six well known designs are available for this: Black, Sonoma Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Silver Oak and Gray Oak. This makes 18 different combinations that leave no desires open and will find a place in every living room. All cabinets are provided with two doors that can be opened by pressure, and two shelf boards that can be placed flexibly. There is thus enough space even for bigger accessories such as an external filter and/or a CO2 bottle. Due to the open back it is easy to direct cables and hoses to the aquarium.

Three new Hardscapes complete the range

There are also three new hardscapes matching the new sera AquaTanks. They match the basic area and height of the aquariums. "Shrimp XXL" provides a rock landscape made of sera Rock Gray Mountain and a sera Scaper Root L, matched to the 96 liter (25 US gal.) AquaTank. The "Monument Rock" hardscape is recommended for the 128 liter (34 US gal.) version. sera Rock Desert is being used seven times in total. The name reveals the theme in the third hardscape: “Rio Negro” provides three sera Scaper Woods and was matched to the AquaTank 160 liters (42 US gal.). Since the AquaTanks are open, even bigger objects can of course be placed in the smaller tanks. The lower hardscapes can also be placed in the higher versions. This allows matching swimming zones and laying them out according to the requirements of the desired fish easily.


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