sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional

It has already been proven several times that siporax is able to break down the nitrogen compound nitrate, which is known to be an algae nutrient.…

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sera X-Feeder

The newest generation automatic feeder for granules and flake food. Entirely without additional aeration.

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Double award ceremony for "pet product of the year"

After the scheduled personal award ceremony had to be postponed last year due to the COVID pandemic it is now even more pleasant that two awards at…

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Innovation in the herbal water conditioner range

Highly effective, well tolerated treatments and water conditioners for ornamental fish have been part of the sera range for years. Work on innovative…

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sera Nature food elected pet product of the year

We are very happy! It is already the second time in a row that sera with their innovative products wins the "pet product of the year" reader election…

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