A piece of nature in the living room

A piece of nature in the living room

[Translate to en(UK):] Aquascaping eignet sich für Hobby-Designer, Aquaristik-Fans und Garten-Liebhaber gleichermaßen. Foto: © sera

Spectacular landscapes with impressive rock formations and colorful tropical vegetation. Those who wish to experience dream-like natural sceneries closely do not have to travel half the world. Aquascapes transfer the magic of exotic holiday domiciles into your own four walls.


Not only experienced aquarists will be fully satisfied when dealing with so-called aquascaping. Everybody who likes gardens and cares about beautiful decoration elements will like the new design trend. The goal is to create underwater fascinating natural worlds in small space. Be it cleft lava landscapes, overgrown roots or a touch of Asia – there are no limits to creativity in aquascaping. Especially convenient: Even small aquariums with a tank volume of 15 to 30 liters (4 – 8 US gallons), such as the Biotop Nano LED Cube 16 by quality manufacturer sera, are suited for this purpose.

In most cases, colorful shrimps or interesting snails are the animal inhabitants of an aquascape. however, the setup, the plants and the decoratio elements are the main features. Natural rocks, dried roots or bamboo sticks are artfully arranged in the tank. It is advisable to maintain and cut back the plants regularly so the miniaturized underwater garden provides joy for a long time and keeps its unique appeal.

Special fertilizers available in the specialized trade, for instance by sera, ensure sufficient nutrients. These ensure healthy growth and lastingly splendid as well as intensely colored plants.

The aquascape will thus remain a real eye catcher.

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