Advice for correct pond care

When the pond season begins

Advice for correct pond care

The last snow has molten, icy temperatures are over, and the sun shines for a longer time. It is spring and it is time for all pondkeepers to prepare their oasis for the summer season. The following tips and tricks from sera show you which measures are required for success.


1. Clean the pond

Pond cleaning should only take place when the water has reached a temperature of 12 °C (54 °F). Take out leaves and dead plant parts with a net. Remove excess deposits on the bottom with a sludge remover, or use preparations that decompose mud and sludge deposits biologically. It is furthermore advisable to change a third of the pond water as to remove pollutants that have formed during autumn and winter. Condition the new water with sera KOI PROTECT for protecting the pond inhabitants against stress and for neutralizing heavy metals.

2. Check the water parameters

Pondkeepers should check the water parameters as to ensure optimal water quality and, correspondingly, a healthy environment for fish and plants. This is best done by using specific test kits (pH, kH, nitrite, nitrate or phosphate test kits), for instance from sera. The free online laboratory provides an extensive analysis with specific advice on what to do.

sera Siporax

3. Powerful filtration

A powerful filter with a high performance filter medium such as sera siporax pond Professional provides an important contribution to unobjectionable water quality. It provides a three dimensional pore and canal structure. This allows the formation of particularly powerful biofilms growing into the pores and covering their walls. Purification bacteria can therefore settle optimally. Other filter media with higher surface declarations often have too small pores where the purification bacteria cannot settle. If the pores and canals are too large, the bacteria are being washed off and then also cannot fulfill their duty. sera siporax Professional therefore provides 34 times as much breakdown performance compared to ceramic filter material.

4. Avoid algae nutrients

Binding phosphate, algae growth enhancer no. 1, in advance lastingly prevents their mass multiplication. Special products (e.g. sera pond phosvec) reliably bind present phosphate.

These measures allow pondkeepers to admiringly look at their idyll glistening in the sunlight. By the way, you will find the helpful brochure “Healthy pond fish”, explaining fish diseases and different ways to treat them, in the “Guides” section.

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