Against algae - quickly, safely and permanently remove phosphate from pond water

Against algae - quickly, safely and permanently remove phosphate from pond water

Pond keepers often feel helpless in case of algae growth. The just have to watch algae defacing their pond and threatening the water stability as well as the fish. Many people do not know that phosphate in water supports algae growth most strongly. The new sera pond phosvec removes phosphate safely, quickly and reliably. Read more ...

Withdraws the algae in ponds their main nutrient

Pond keepers are often helpless against algae growth. They have to watch as algae make their pond ugly and threaten both water stability and the fish.What many people do not know: Phosphate in the water is the main promoter of algae growth. Excess phosphate needs to be removed from the water regularly as to maintain permanently high water quality.

Pond keepers are lastingly successful with sera pond phosvec, a newly developed phosphate binder.

Even with careful maintenance, phosphate enrichment in garden ponds is hardly avoidable, because the chemical compounds mainly get into the water with leaves, dead plant parts and fish waste. 

Algae utilize the excess phosphate as a nutrient and multiply enormously.

sera pond phosvec, available from the specialized trade, is the correct product for anybody who wants to avoid strong algae blooms and, accordingly, green cloudiness of the pond. It withdraws phosphate from the water quickly, safely and lastingly.

Being specially developed by the sera research laboratory, the highly effective product ensures particularly lasting binding compared to other common phosphate binders – without affecting the sensitive equilibrium of the pond.

At the same time, it is well tolerated by all fish, amphibians and micro organisms.

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