Aquarium care finally made easy

Aquarium care finally made easy

Hardly anyone can resist the fascination of a strikingly set-up aquarium. Who never found himself thinking “I would like to have one as well”?

But if people now go and look for information about starting this fascinating hobby, especially beginners are flooded with basic knowledge and possible products. Quickly, the impression arises that the aquarium hobby includes plenty of work, financial investments and knowledge. The dream is then quickly given up again. However, this need not be due to the “Aquarium care finally made easy” concept by sera. This concept makes starting up easy for aquarium beginners, and it makes frustrated aquarium owners enjoy this fascinating hobby again.

The principle is very simple. Two main features are crucial for long term joy in an aquarium: The correct technical equipment and stocking correctly.

The correct technical equipment

sera Biotop Nano Cube 60

An extensive technical equipment range along with a large number of aquariums is available through the specialized trade. However, the correct combination my become difficult. Which filter performance for which tank? What heater wattage for how many liters or gallons? What filter material in the filter, and in which position?

sera makes the decision easy. The sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 combines modern design with high quality technical equipment. The separate components perfectly harmonize with each other. The equipment allows easy installation according to the plug and play principle, i.e. set  up the tank, decorate it – done! The first fish can already be added after 24 hours, and the dream finally becomes reality – very easy and uncomplicated.

Stocking correctly

Choosing the correct fish and plants is important for keeping an aquarium successfully. In co-operation with Peter Merz (ornamental fish wholesaler in Heinsberg/Germany), sera has developed suggestions for possible fish stocks. These are ideally balanced, and therefore an important basis for success.

Peter Merz – an aquarium enthusiast since he was a child – started his own ornamental fish wholesale business in 1995. He made his dream of working with fish come true and gave up his leading position for it. Not only due to his extensive knowledge, he increased his company year by year, making it one of the largest enterprises in the branch.

“Only functioning and harmonic underwater worlds retain the interest in this hobby, and ensure long term pleasure for the aquarist. However, it is important to choose the correct animals and plants. Their origin is not important as long as they get along well with each other and optimally add to each other in the living community. Therefore, animals and plants from different biotopes in the world can be kept together as long as they have the same requirements concerning water chemistry, filtration and temperature.”, according to Mr. Merz. “Especially in small aquariums, it is important to keep peaceful and small species together. Only then will the living community be able to function harmonically for a long time. The very popular swordtails, for example, are not suitable for such an aquarium since they grow too large. Currently, many very beautiful and magnificently colored livebearer variants that remain small conquer the market. They are very well suited for small aquariums and can excellently be kept together with shrimps and peaceful crayfish. An extensive range of tiny catfish, loaches, barbs, characins and cichlids leave nothing open to desire when it comes to a varied fish selection.”

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