Biotop Cubes with LED lighting

Save energy and enjoy bright light

Biotop Cubes with LED lighting

sera have further developed their successful aquarium range and equipped the Biotop Cubes 60 and 130 XXL as well as the marin Biotop Cube 130 with LED lighting. The advantages are obvious: more light with less electricity consumption, plus even more quiet operation of the aquarium.


Aquarium lighting by LEDs more and more becomes a ‘must have’ for every aquarist. The potential for saving energy with simultaneous high light intensity is simply unsurpassed compared to conventional lamps.

sera therefore updated their two freshwater Biotop Cube aquariums 60 and 130 XXL as well as the marin Biotop Cube 130 and equipped their hoods with LED chips. These chips do not only produce more light but they also consume – compared to their predecessors – 50 percent less electricity. They consist of circuit board with ten 0.2 Watt LEDs each, and they have an enormous lifetime of 50,000 hours. The sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 60 provides eight white LED chips, the sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL twelve white ones. Six blue and twelve white LEDs simulate marine light in the sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130, which even allows keeping stony corals according to their requirements. By doing so, sera ensures optimal light distribution in their three basic models. In case the chips ever lose their lighting power, they can easily be replaced like a lamp with a push-in socket.

Another advantage: The aquariums run considerably more quiet. Due to the lesser heat formation, the light hood cooling can be reduced.

The complete kit contains the most important technical equipment for a good start of the aquarium: Filter sponge, biofilter material sera siporax Professional, sera heater thermostats and a filter pump that operates the internal filter. The sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL is from now on supplied with an easy-to-handle internal filter. The sera marin LED Biotop Cube 130 furthermore includes a UV-C clarifier as well as an improved skimmer.


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