Fabulous decoration for marine aquariums

Fabulous decoration for marine aquariums

Not a nuisance but an eye-catcher: Calcareous red algae are the best examples for algae not always being a nuisance. These colorful marine algae are without doubt the most popular one within their range, and they are also a sign for good water quality and stable biological conditions. However, calcareous red algae also have high requirements concerning their nutrient supply in order to grow healthily. The solution: sera marin Component 1-7 – due to these water conditioners, the algae will remain a colorful and fabulous decoration.

The red, violet or pink calcareous red algae will only grow if the water quality, the nutrient supply and the light in the aquarium are alright. Among aquarists, they are therefore considered indicators for excellent water quality.

Just like corals, calcareous red algae require calcium and magnesium. In case of increasing deficiencies in marine water there is the danger that the growth of calcareous red algae stops and annoying thread algae grow instead. However, the trace elements strontium and iodine need to be replenished consistently as they are removed by the protein skimmer.

The well balanced products sera marin Component 1-7 can be used for easy replenishment of the required nutrients in the water. Ranging from calcium and magnesium to strontium and iodine, the water conditioners provide all important nutrients and ensure healthy growth of the calcareous red algae.

Being a complete range supplier for marine aquarium care, sera also offers an extensive range of water test kits as well as a silicate remover and premium quality sea salt.

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