Little fish feeding professionals

Little fish feeding professionals

Being curious, observing and researching – aquariums provide a real exploration field for children enthused by fish. However, feeding the animals is particularly important. The kids learn taking responsibilities this way.

Numerous studies prove: Pets such as fish, strengthen the responsibility awareness of children.

The children observe the interesting behavior of the various inhabitants, they take care of them and keep their environment clean. However, the kids develop an understanding of their animals especially by feeding them daily. They learn dosing the food appropriately and thus will see when their fish have eaten enough and also whether they like the taste and if it is good for them. Furthermore, they will become feeding professionals over time – which fish prefers which food, and what do shrimps eat?

High quality food is, for instance, available from sera. The little aquarium beginners and their parents can be sure the food contains all important vitamins and nutrients (e.g. sera vipan). A tip: The kids should only feed their fish small portions two or three times a day, and only as much food as they can eat within two to five minutes. Feeding was done correctly if no or hardly any leftovers remain at the aquarium bottom. This is, above all, crucial for the water quality. The aquarium inhabitants will surely be satisfied if the children observe this advice.

Further information is available from the practical sera guide „How to feed your tropical fish naturally”.

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