Put an end to unnecessary maintenance efforts

Put an end to unnecessary maintenance efforts

For lovers of the underwater world, there is nothing more beautiful than aquariums that make the hobby as easy as possible. The high quality complete systems by the aquarium, pond and terrarium specialist sera allow fish friends to focus entirely on their animals and their exciting world doing well.

Quality is very important when choosing an aquarium. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary maintenance effort. The complete systems by sera, for instance, fulfill this requirement.

The sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL allows for an easy start into freshwater aquarium care. The aquarium is immediately ready for use – the required technical equipment is already included. 51 cm x 66.5 cm x 57 cm provide sufficient space for the swimming requirements of the fish.

The complete system is excellently equipped also considering filtration: The sera fil bioactive external filter 130 with filter mat and filter sponge ensures mechanical filtration. sera siporax is used in the biological filter step. It provides an area of 270 square meters per liter filter material that can be settled by bacteria. Due to its open pored tunnel structure it provides ideal working conditions for purification bacteria. siporax thus achieves 34 times as much breakdown performance compared to ceramic filter materials. Good water parameters are therefore guaranteed. The biocultures contained in sera filter biostart immediately start the biological pollutant breakdown. The system aquarium is completed by a heater thermostat as well as two aquarium lamps and two fans for cooling the electronic components in the aquarium hood.

Aquarium aficionados can also use the sera Biotop Nano Cube 60, which is also immediately ready for use and fully equipped, as a small counterpart. The total volume is 60 liters with a size of 40.3 cm x 46 cm x 48.4 cm. The aquarium hood of both aquarium types is equipped with an innovative pushing, lifting and fixation technology that makes access in every situation easier.

Of course, sera also provides the correct product for marine aquarists. You can start right away with the sera marin Biotop Cube 130 and the plug-in complete equipment. The components of the integrated technical equipment perfectly match each other also in this case. Special lamps provide actinic blue light and daylight with neutral color.

So everything is ready for an impressive underwater world within your own four walls.

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