Reptile food becomes “Nature”

Reptile food becomes “Nature”

Many food types from the terrarium range have already been converted and were launched with the additional “Nature” tag. This means here as well: No dyes and preservatives anymore.

The successive conversion is already running. After having converted the ornamental fish food types, now the reptile food types are also launched in a new design and with optimized composition. The highlights are easy to recognize already from the outside: Besides a big product photo, labels on the front side of the package indicate the high quality ingredients and their amounts in the food.

Less is more! Raffy I Nature requires only three natural ingredients: Natural, gently dried gammarus, small fish and krill serve as delicacies for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins. Raffy Royal Nature, the snack for bigger carnivorous reptiles, consists of only two ingredients: natural, dried fish and shrimps.

The granules and staple food types also pass the modern production lines of sera without the addition of dyes and preservatives. The colors are due solely to the natural ingredients, as is the case with the bi-colored Professional food types. There, the ingredients in the ring are matched to the natural feeding habits of the animals. The food core is extruded particularly gently at low temperatures, meets the respective requirements and is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and algae for strengthening disease resistance.

The variety of natural reptile food types by sera provides a natural and varied diet for turtles, iguanas etc. An appropriate and balanced diet is the best protection against deficiencies and supports health and liveliness of the animals.

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