sera supports local kindergarten

An aquarium for the children of the family center St. Lambertus Dremmen

sera supports local kindergarten

How do you enthuse even small children for the aquarium hobby? By letting them experience closely how beautiful the hobby is!

In Dremmen, a district of Heinsberg about 10 minutes away from the sera premises, there is the family center St. Lambertus. One of our colleagues made us aware the institution requires a new aquarium. Of course sera was pleased to support them – with a 130 liter aquarium (sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL) including accessories. Setting up the aquarium was done by our colleague (animal keeper with sera) herself, and she was actively supported by the children. The fish also did not have to travel a long distance to the family center, since it was kindly provided by the ornamental fish wholesaler Merz in Heinsberg. The aquarium was handed over on May 16, 2019.

Shining eyes, excited faces and a lot of questions – the basis for an interest in the aquarium hobby seems already to be made with many of the children!

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