Systemic plant care

Systemic plant care

Splendid plants and lively behavior of the underwater inhabitant give every aquarium its own appeal. The new sera plant care products make keeping fascinating aquatic landscapes very easy.

The new sera care system consists of two basic and four system care products which are optimally adjusted to the individual requirements of different plants in aquariums. The specific nutrient requirements plants have concerning minerals and trace elements can be covered with the sera flore products in a balanced and directed way. Nutrient requirements are, among others, influenced by the kind and amount, light intensity and lighting time, temperature and carbon dioxide supply. Plants will not grow properly if just one nutrient is missing, and algae may spread due to lacking competition.

The sera plant care products close specific supply gaps. sera florena und sera florenette, which contain all required minerals and trace elements, are available for the basic supply. The four special system care products furthermore allow fine-tuned care. sera flore vital and sera flore plant contain rare(r) micro and macro nutrients that do not remain stable in aquariums for a long time, and which therefore need to be added daily. sera flore carbo covers increased carbon requirements. sera flore ferro provides iron for the plants, which is often insufficiently available in densely planted and strongly lighted aquariums. None of the plant care products contains copper. The entire range is therefore also excellently suited for aquariums with invertebrates.

These six products by sera provide optimal support for healthy plant growth and the key to successful aquascapes in nano aquariums.


Product information

Basic care from the new sera plant care system

sera florena

sera florenette


System care from the new sera plant care system

sera flore 1 carbo

sera flore 2 ferro

sera flore 3 vital

sera flore 4 plant



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