Pond food becomes “Nature”

Pond food becomes “Nature”

The conversion of the food range for pond fish has already begun. After having finished converting the ornamental fish and reptile food to “Nature”, now most types of the pond food range will follow. The new products are easy to recognize at fist glance. The package will be matching the “Nature” design. Big product pictures and clear labels quickly and reliably provide information about form and function of the food.

Besides the design, the focus of the conversion of course is also on the optimized composition. All “Nature” types do not require dyes and preservatives. The colors of the food originate exclusively from the natural ingredients. Ingredients such as krill with natural color enhancing astaxanthin, and spirulina, for instance in sera Koi Color Nature, also ensure particularly great coloration of the fish.

Besides the focus on appropriate feeding the animals close to nature, sustainability is also a very important factor in the “Nature” product range. New ingredients, such as 4% Hermetia in Koi Royal Nature, allow to fulfill all three items. Breeding larvae takes place in a very resource saving manner. At the same time it meets the natural diet of many pond fish, and provides valuable proteins for healthy fish.



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