Why pets are good for people

Why pets are good for people

Current Forsa survey reveals: Living with pets makes happier and healthier. Photo: © sera

Pets make happy. They support health. This is the result of a current, representative survey by the polling institute Forsa commissioned by the 'Initiative Zukunft Heimtier' (Initiative Future Pets). Nine out of ten people asked are convinced that especially older people benefit from ornamental fish etc. Why is that so?

Pets convey comfort, reduce the stress level and enhance well-being. This is scientifically proven. Therefore, pets – in particular ornamental fish – are more often used for therapeutic purposes in retirement or nursing homes.


Making older people happy with an aquarium

Observing the colorful action of aquarium fish is fascinating and soothing. Unlike dogs, cats or guinea pigs they cannot be caressed nor communicate with their keepers, but they provide a feeling of calmness and satisfaction. When watching the animal inhabitants, even blood pressure and heart frequency of the watchers become lower. Keeping ornamental fish in an aquarium is therefore not only optimally suitable for older people but for all that just want to relax and escape everyday's stress.


Healthy fish, satisfied keepers

The fish of course want to feel just as well as their keepers. It is therefore important that the water parameters are correct, that the correct food is ubeing used and that the technical aquarium equipment matches the individual requirements of the animals. Quality manufacturer sera provides an extensive range of high quality care, food and technical products.

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