First digital seminar in the Expertise Center West

First digital seminar in the Expertise Center West

The VDA/DGHT has invited to the first digital seminar §11 Expertise for aquarium and pond.

After the cancellation in the spring, which became necessary by the pandemic, the learning contents were divided now on four afternoons. In addition, 23 participants* gathered in front of their PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet and followed the contributions of Dieter Untergasser (sera/VDA), Kathrin Glaw (VDA/DGHT) and Elena Rathgeber (sera/VDA) with great interest.

Together with the VDA/DGHT, a concept was developed in order to be able to give a lecture even at a distance to the required contents. In this way, the participants were optimally prepared for the subsequent examination. At the same time, intermediate questions could be answered immediately. A virtual question and answer session shortly before the exam date provided an additional opportunity for an open exchange.

The examination took place in small groups in compliance with a strict hygiene concept and with sufficient distance in the Expertise Center West in Heinsberg. Practical parts, such as the correct catching of fish from the sale tanks, were tested here and the theoretical as well as oral exams were taken under supervision.

The planning and preparations for further events are currently underway. The VDA/DGHT Further education planned for the end of October will also be offered digitally. The seminar "Microscopy and Fish Diseases" planned for September has been postponed to 2021, as the very practice-oriented event "at a distance" could only be implemented with greater cutbacks.

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