Good expertise ensures healthy fish

Good expertise ensures healthy fish

The numerous attending retailers were trained theoretically and practically. Photo: © sera

Keeping fish healthy in sales setups is important in the pet trade. The sera specialists have decades of knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases. The manufacturer held a practical seminar in their own training center so retailers could benefit from the competent knowledge.

Millions or ornamental fish are sold via the specialized pet trade. The animals are kept according to their requirements in sales setups before they travel to Germany’s living rooms and offices. This requires that wholesalers and specialized retailers know what they have to consider concerning keeping the species, care, feeding, water quality and temperature. Unsuitable keeping conditions are the main cause for fish becoming ill. Diseases cannot always be avoided even in case of optimal maintenance. It is necessary to recognize, assign and treat them properly.

This is exactly what the seminar dealt with that sera held on November 24, 2015 in their company’s own VDA/DGHT Expertise Center West: Seminar leader Dieter Untergasser (accredited VDA instructor) informed about “Measures for keeping fish in sales setups healthy” – ranging from current animal protection regulations to the effects of water conditioning.

The numerous attending retailers were trained not only in theory. They could also test practically how natural, stress free care and treatment of aquarium fish in sales setups is successful with the corresponding sera products. The obtained results – all participants agreed – are supportive in providing the animals optimal maintenance and take directed measures in case of a disease.

Furthermore, specialized retailers can use the obtained knowledge to assist customers as required and recommend the ideal treatment for their problems.

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