Influencers visit sera

"Good things come to those who wait". This saying is probably the best way to describe the visit of Sascha Hoyer, Kevin Höhlein and André Peukert to the Heinsberg company site. Even before the Corona pandemic, initial talks were held and invitations extended. In addition to the lockdowns, internal security precautions were taken. The joy was all the greater when a common date was found in September.

Together with aquascaper Sascha Hoyer (Sascha Hoyer Aqua Artist), the two film makers and pet retailers Kevin Höhlein and André Peukert (AQUAddicted!) traveled to Heinsberg, about 400 km (approx. 250 miles) away. All three became known through their YouTube channels, where they regularly upload new videos – sometimes up to three times a week – and inspire the aquarium community.

After several weeks of planning and preparation, the three Youtubers were finally on location at the sera headquarters for two full days of filming. And the two days had it all: factory tours, product presentations and, above all, scientific content were scheduled. For this purpose, sera employees Elena Rathgeber (quality management), Dorothea Bickel (product development), Dieter Untergasser (scientific assistant and seminar leader) and Oliver Helker (customer care and sera Academy trainer) answered the questions of the interested influencers. The result: footage for of 13 films in total.

But not only the guests produced videos for their channels. The sera YouTube channel as well was to benefit from the visit and the expertise of the experienced aquarists. For example, films on the extensive sera hardscape range were produced with Sascha Hoyer, and Kevin Höhlein gave valuable tips on setting up aquariums.

Some of the Youtuber and sera films have already been published, another part is still in post-production and will be presented to thousands of interested viewers in the coming weeks.



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