Innovative external filter with integrated UVC amalgam lamp

Innovative external filter with integrated UVC amalgam lamp

The new sera UVC-Xtreme 800 and 1200 are particularly powerful and at the same time energy efficient external filter with an integrated UVC unit.

Using 24 Volt DC supply, they are particularly safe to use. They have three years warranty and are characterized by the following details:

Energy efficient and electronically controllable

The pump performance can be controlled electronically, and can be flexibly adjusted to any requirement. Due to eight performance settings, the filter can therefore be adjusted particularly energy efficient. The UVC-Xtreme 800 already pumps 450 liters per hour in the lowest setting and consumes only five Watts. In the highest performance setting, it pumps 840 liters per hour at only 19 Watts. The bigger UVC-Xtreme 1200 also requires 5 Watts in the lowest performance setting while pumping even 570 liters per hour. At the highest setting, the filter circulation is 1220 liters per hour with only 29 Watts power uptake.

With integrated UVC against pathogens and algae

UVC radiation is not present naturally on Earth, therefore algae and pathogens never could adapt to the hard UVC radiation. UVC radiation is therefore ideally suited for removing pathogens and algae. The integrated UVC amalgam lamp has up to 52% more power compared to a regular UVC lamp, and removes up 93% of pathogens and algae in an aquarium. This prevents diseases and algae growth, and ensures clear, clean water. And with five Watts of energy consumption, the UVC lamp – which can be switched on and off as required – is even particularly energy efficient.

Manual suction never again


There is no need for manual suction in any way with the new UVC-Xtreme external filters: the automatic suction pump de-aerates the filter upon pushing a button. Even a dry filter can be filled by the electric suction pump. And after filter cleaning, pushing the button of the suction pump makes sure no air remains inside the filter. This makes the external filter particularly efficient and also quiet.

Technical details

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