Natural water care with natural products by sera

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Natural water care with natural products by sera

sera is adding new products to their water care range - sera Catappa Leaves S - XXL and sera alder cones. The sustainable natural products are guaranteed to be free from pesticides and thus allow for natural aquarium water care. Furthermore, the Catappa Leaves are suitable as food for shrimps, and due to their astringent properties make sure that injuries heal more quickly.

Catappa Leaves, also known as tropical almond leaves, come from Indian almond trees. They contain humic and tannic substances by nature, which have a positive influence on the water. They are therefore also called natural water conditioners. Furthermore, they support the natural behavior as well as the readiness to spawn of ornamental fish and shrimps. By doing so, the Catappa Leaves in many ways contribute the aquarium inhabitants doing well. Additionally, they prevent infections by bacteria and fungi, and have so-called astringent properties. This means wounds heal more quickly and the healing process is accelerated.     

The tropical almond leaves can simply be put into the aquarium water. They sink down within 24 - 48 hours and release their active substances within 2 -3 weeks. Shrimps, other crustaceans and catfish also like to eat the leaves. It is possible to briefly pour boiling water over the leaves before putting them into the aquarium to make them sink more quickly. The sera Catappa Leaves are untreated, guaranteed to be be pesticide free and from controlled cultivation, so they can be put into the aquarium without hesitation. The number of leaves required depends on the size of the leaves and the contents of the aquarium:

Product name


Package size


Catappa Leaves S

1 leaf for 30 liters (8 US gal.)10 leavessufficient for 300 liters (80 US gal.)

Catappa Leaves M

1 leaf for 60 liters (16 US gal.)10 leavessufficient for 600 liters (160 US gal.)

Catappa Leaves XXL

1 leaf for 100 liters (26 US gal.)

10 leaves

sufficient for 1,000 liters (260 US gal.)

The sera alder cones also have useful properties: they as well contain humic and tannic substances that prevent fungal infections and spawn fungus. Furthermore, they lower the pH value. The water parameters should therefore be monitored. Alder cones additionally tint the water in a natural way, resulting in black water. This ideally imitates the natural living conditions of many ornamental fish and invertebrate species, and allows for keeping them particularly appropriately.

Using the alder cones is as simple as the Catappa Leaves: they can simply be put into the aquarium. The alder cones sink to the bottom after a few days. One cone per each 10 liters of aquarium water can be added. In case there are ill animals in the aquarium, the dosage can be increased to one cone per liter for supporting the treatment. In this case, however, the  pH valuable should be monitored continuously.


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