sera calendar event successfully finished

Photo contest with photos from aquarium, terrarium and pond topics taken by aficionados

sera calendar event successfully finished

An exciting contest with enthused participants and great photos – that was the sera calendar event 2018. Just like last year, sera set up a photo contest on Facebook also in 2018, in which numerous sera aficionados from all over the world participated. From over 450 photos from the aquarium, terrarium and pond sections, 20 photos made it into the final round. The aficionados decided by voting which photos will appear in the 2019 calendar.

The calendar event by sera on Facebook was very popular also in this year: in total, the 20 photos that made it into the final round received impressive 4,300 “Likes”. The winning photo of a firemouth cichlid alone got exceptional 541 “Likes”, making it the most popular photo of the entire contest. The photo was selected as cover picture for the calendar 2019 as to honor this great result. Good news for all who were not among the twelve winners: besides the twelve winning photos, sera used further pictures from the final round in the calendar, which especially impressed the sera jury during the preselection. This again expresses the appreciation for the enthusiasm of the participants.

In mid June 2018, sera had started the calendar event 2018 on the Facebook page of the company. All sera aficionados were called to send in their own photos from the freshwater and marine aquarium, terrarium and pond sections. In total, 20 photos made it into the closer selection and were uploaded into a Facebook album. Then the Facebook users had six days for voting for the photos. A novelty in the calendar event this year: for being able to show all topics, four categories were set up in which a defined number of photos could win: Aquarium care – fresh water (7), Aquarium care – marine water (1), pond (2), terrarium care (2). In addition to having published their own photo in the sera calendar 2019, the twelve winners each received a big product packet, consisting of the sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 16, the new “Nature” food types Vipan Nature, San Nature and Flora Nature as well as siporax algovec Professional and aquatan.

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