sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130

sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130

Energy saving lighting with 50 % less consumption and 33 % higher light yield!

The new sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130 will include a 12 Volt two color LED lighting. The 12 white and 6 blue separately switchable LED chips impress by a considerably longer lifetime compared to conventional lamps. The LED chips are connected via a simple push-in contact, and are very easy to replace.

Due to the lower energy consumption, the heat situation within the cover will improve considerably, which allows for a lower and therefore quieter air stream for cooling. The well proven internal filter system, she shape of the glass tank and operating the STP 1000 filter pump remain unchanged. Conversion of the predecessors already on the market is possible without much effort by installing new holder plates for the cover.

The new, larger “sera marin Protein Skimmer PS 200” is new as well. It is easily accessible due to a flap in the cover.

The kit includes: sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130 including LED cover, sera marin Protein Skimmer PS 200, sera heater thermostat 100 W, sera filter pump STP 1000, sera siporax Professional 2,000 ml (2 US quarts), sera UV-C clarifier 5 W, sera marin bio reefclear 100 ml (3.38 fl.oz.), sera aquatan 100 ml (3.38 fl.oz.)

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