sera: pollutant free sea salts

Improved blend

sera: pollutant free sea salts

Marine aquariums are sensitive ecosystems. The colorful organisms have high requirements concerning their environment. sera provides fish enthusiasts with their sea salts for preparing marine water, sera marin salt and sera marin reef salt. The new, entirely synthetic and therefore pollutant free blend convinces fully.

Unlike natural salts which are obtained from nature by drying marine water in salines and accordingly may contain pollutants, the sera salts are blended from pure single components. They are therefore fully synthetic and pollutant free from now on. Due to their finely grained and immediately soluble structure, both sera marin salt and sera marin reef salt do not cause any cloudiness in the water. Furthermore, they contain all important minerals present in the water and do not contain any bromine. Even sensitive animals do not signalize any stress in case of a larger water change.

Additional optimization in sera marin salt: The carbonate hardness of sera marin salt was raised to 10° dKH, which leads to considerably improved stabilization of the pH value in the water. It furthermore supplies the lime forming substance required for the growth of stony corals, clams and algae.

Additional improvement in sera marin reef salt: The sea salt for reef aquariums is characterized by its new alkaline element formula. The included trace elements rubidium, potassium and lithium ensure, among others, stronger pigmentation of stony corals and, accordingly, particularly intense, bright colors.

Compared to sera marin salt, sera marin reef salt contains a higher amount of calcium and magnesium. Growing calcareous algae with an increased magnesium uptake particularly benefit from this.

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