Tips and advice for aquarists

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Tips and advice for aquarists

The new sera videos provide answers to different questions for aquarists. Photo: sera

Which food for which species, how can I condition tap water according to natural requirements, and which functions must a strong filter system provide? Aquarists now get answers to these and many more questions in the new sera videos – now available on www.sera.de and YouTube.

The health of his animals is the most important concern of every fish enthusiast. And everything from nutrition to water quality must be in order as to achieve this goal. In their new videos, the sera specialists provide useful practical knowledge about feeding ornamental fish, water conditioning and filtration. Aquarium enthusiats furthermore learn in a descriptive way how to use the high quality sera products and which advantages they have.

With these moving pictures, the high quality manufacturer provides practical support for the hobby. Fish enthusiasts can be sure sera is their competent partner.

By the way: Those who are interested will find information about the high quality manufacturer itself and sera's development into a global player in the image film.

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