Tips for pond maintenance

A good start in spring

Tips for pond maintenance

When spring arrives, the pond also awakens from hibernation: Koi show up at the surface, dragonflies fly around through the air and the plants show their splendor. But the traces of winter need to be removed before the new pond season can start. This is no problem when using the correct advice and high quality care products, for instance by sera.

When the days become longer and warmer, birds begin to sing and the first flowers bloom, it is time for a spring cleaning - also in the pond.


Remove old plant remainders

A large amount of leaves, old twigs, sludge and dead plant remainders often collects at the pond bottom during the winter months. These should be removed as quickly as possible in spring, best using a net or a special sludge removing pump. Otherwise, a biological inequilibrium due to increased algae growth and forming rot gases may occur.

Check water quality, remove algae biologically

Pond keepers should carry out regular water tests in spring. The reason: Snow and ice often have reduced the carbonate hardness of the water. This leads to much too high pH values and subsequent uncontrolled algae growth.

There are many different anti-algae agents available for consumers that assure effective and lasting control of this “green pest”. However, they often consist of harmful substances such as biocides. A good news: There are environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful chemicals, for instance siporax pond algenstop Professional by sera. The product contains nutrient utilizing bacteria. They remove algae nutrients – phosphate and ammonium – and therefore withdraw the nutrient basis for the algae.

Check technical equipment

Not only the animal inhabitants become active when the water temperature rises. The filter system also must be ready to use in time and counteract algae growth. The filter system and the pump function as well as leak tightness of hoses or tubes must be checked. Sponges must be cleaned and biologically active filter media such as sera siporax pond must possibly be reactivated with filter starter bacteria.

The new pond season can finally start when the pond is clean again and water quality is optimal.

The pond should be cleaned and maintained thoroughly so it becomes a real eye catcher in summer.
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