Winter magic in the garden

Winter magic in the garden

Leaves display wonderful colors, the wind rustles through the reed and nature becomes quiet.


The winter season again turns gardens at home into dreamlike beautiful landscapes. The colorful display of nature is also reflected at the pond, which spreads its own irresistible charm in mild winters.

Hoar frost and ice turn plants into crystal works of art, the rising morning sun creates fascinating light reflexes onto the surface and the crystal clear water allows impressive views into the underwater world – ponds are an attractive sight not only in summer but also on winter days.

When the days become shorter and cooler, the pond by and by becomes quiet. Last maintenance works are finished. Nature rests in hibernation. There is still a lot to discover for pond keepers, because the water is particularly clear in winter. The colorful Koi move slower and can be watched quite well.

During mild winters, when they are active and swim around in the pond, the fish should be given special food such as sera KOI Professional Winter Food so they get though the fourth season healthily and keep their shiny skin and strong colors. The pellets containing highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids sink to the bottom quickly where the fish dwell and look for food when it is cold. The Koi thus will be lively and shine in splendid colors in spring as well.

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