Biological activation delayed by filter 'cleaning'


I got a new 60 liter aquarium and set it up two weeks ago with bottom ground, gravel and plants, added water conditioner and sera nitrivec (which were included with the aquarium) according to the information for use, then continued adding approximately 10 ml sera bio nitrivec per day. Unfortunately I then made a mistake and cleaned the filter, which had turned rather brownish. The nitrite level then was about 0.1 mg/l, the pH value is alright. Then the plants turned brown, the water turned greenish brown. I removed the decomposing plants and planted new ones. Checked the nitrite level after 4 days, and was startled I when found out it was 1.0 mg/l. I then changed 50 % of the water (with conditioner and sera bio nitrivec) and again added sera bio nitrivec on a daily routine, the nitrite level is still between 0.8 - 1.0 mg/l. What shall I do, I want to add fish somewhen?

please be patient - the filter 'cleaning' unfortunately has delayed the biological activation process considerably. Just do not do anything at all at the moment (except adding sera bio nitrivec ), the nitrite level will sink below detection level when the filter activity becomes stronger.

Do not throw away newly added plants whose leaves start to deompose - many species are grown with their leaves above the water surface and discard the leaves when transferred to submerged life, as they are not suitable for this purpose. The plants, however, will then grow new leaves for their submerged life!

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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