Eggs or sporangia on Java fern?

yesterday, I discovered quite a lot of "eggs" on the leaves of a Java fern plant. They are black and about 0.5 mm in diameter. Are they angelfish eggs? I also keep bottom orientated fish whose name I do not know. They are about 4 cm long and have a gray/white pattern like a marble table. They are very thin and actually rather nocturnal. Are the eggs theirs?

according to the description, I can certainly exclude that these are angelfish eggs (if only because angelfish care for their fry and would guard them), and I also think eggs of the other fish species (possibly "Otocinclus" Midget Sucker Catfish?) are not very likely. The eggs are clear, and one can see the growing larvae in them.

If the black spots are located on the bottom side of the leaves and form a more or less regular pattern they are very likely something completely different: spore cysts (sporangia) of the fern itself! 


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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