Gender differences in Labidochromis sp. "Yellow"


I purchased 2 "Yellows" (Labidochromis sp. "Yellow") a couple of weeks ago, and I am not sure whether they are a female and a male. How can I tell the difference?

the gender differences are hard to see in not yet fully grown specimens; the colors are a little more intense in adult males, and the pattern on the fin edges is more distinct.

It is mostly possible to tell the genders of mature specimen by the genital papilla, which is larger in females than in males - for obvious reasons the rather large eggs must fit through. This is often almost impossible to see with juveniles.

If I have a male and a female: How do I get the fish to spawn?

It is sufficient to provide an aquarium with a number of cave shelters, feed a varied diet and be a little patient. The species is easy to breed. Labidochromis sp. "Yellow" are generally best kept in groups; the fish are relatively peaceful and then have the chance to choose their partners by themselves - also, the statistic probability of having both genders in the aquarium is of course higher in a group than with just two fish.

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