Breeding Platies / Fish stock questions


How long may I keep pregnant livebearers (Platy) in a breeding container?

this should best not be done at all, these containers are simply too small for adult fish. However, they are well suited for raising the fry. The sera breeding container is particularly dimensioned and provides very good water exchange with the aquarium.

How can I induce them giving birth?

This is not necessary; birth begins by itself when the time has come - you can leave that to the fish!

Can I keep the following fish together in a 60 liter aquarium:
* 2 Kribensis (1 pair)
* 1 Bushy Mouth Ancistrus (Ancistrus sp. cf. dolichopterus)
* 3 Guppies (1 male, 2 females)?

No, you should not do that. The tank is too small for the Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher), they should be kept in aquariums of 1 meter length. The Ancistrus should also be kept in larger tanks (80 cm and up).


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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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