Nitrate breakdown with sera siporax: What kind of filter is suitable?


I've read that your product sera siporax can handle nitrate. Can I use a canister filter to achive this function?

yes, this is possible. The filter type isn't that important, both internal and external setups will work just fine.

If so, what would be a good filter setup be to achive this? I'm thinking of flow rate through the filter, amount of sera siporax and what else I should use in the filter, like prefilter etc. The tank that I would use to test this in is a heavily stocked 400 litres tank. 

The setup is pretty simple: The first step is mechanical filtration, e.g. sera biopur (clay tubes) or sera biofibres. The amount depends on the waste amount, practical values range from 0.5 liters - 1 liter. The main step is biological filtration with sera siporax, and in this case I recommend about 4 liters plus a relatively slow flow rate (200 - 400 liters per hour). After a few weeks (activation period) this will take nitrate values down considerably.

There is, however, another way: A separate slow flux filter in addition to the normal biofilter. This filter (a passive bypass system is OK) should then hold 2 liters sera siporax, with a water flow rate of only 1 - 2 liters (no typing error!) per hour. This setup will produce virtually nitrate-free water.


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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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