Open wound on the head of a terrapin


I have 2 terrapins, and one of them has an injury on its head. It pulled a piece of skin off its head. This skin shred was at first still attached. When I looked for it the next time, it was gone, and it bleeded a little. However, the terrapin was agile as ever, was hungry and reacted when I called it. Then a little skin grew over the wound, but today I noticed that it came off again. I took the terrapin out of the water and put it into the bathtub. I also put some wound balm on the wound.

Should I take the terrapin to a veterinarian?

yes you should. The vet has the treatments and the knowledge to treat open wounds as required. 

I do not want the terrapin to suffer from pain when I put it back into the water!

sera sanipur is suitable as an immediate measure for soothing and inflammation prevention, but it cannot replace consulting a vet in such a case!


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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