Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) attack older juveniles when there are new eggs


I have a pair of Kribensis with their offspring in a 60 cm tank. During the last days, I observed that the parents chase the juveniles away from the cave and apparently have spawned again. Will they kill their first offspring when they guide the next ones through the tank?

generally, the parents only want to chase away the older fry, but losses may indeed occur due to lacking space especially in a (too!) small tank if they cannot get out of the way. It is thus better to put the first offspring into another tank once they are swimming around freely. Besides, the fish should be moved into a larger tank. 80 cm are the minimum, but a meter or even more is desirable.

One eye of the male is slightly swollen and is covered with a whitish film, but otherwise the fish is very lively and colorful. What could this be, and what can I do against it?

With a little luck it, is "only" a small injury. Females of this species who guard fry often become so aggressive that they can even kill the male! A mild anti-bacterial treatment (liquid sera baktopur) is advisable, as to prevent or treat infections, also the male must by all means have enough places to retreat (possibly put it into a separate tank!).

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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