Veiltail goldfish in an aquarium


I have four veiltails in a 25 liter tank. How can I tell whether veiltails are male or female?

first of all, 25 liters are by far insufficient for goldfish, including veiltails. The gross tank volume shoud be at least 100 liters for juveniles, and the fish need to be transferred into a larger aquarium in time, according to their growth. You should consider about 300 liters for 4 or them; the fish grow to over 15 cm!

Concerning the gender differences: The genders can be differentiated optically only during the spawning season: Males then develop a so-called spawning rash that looks like little spots.

What do I have to do to make the fish breed?

This takes place almost by itself, appropriate care conditions provided.

And what are the right care measures for veiltails?

Plenty of space, abundant planting (even if the fish nibble at the plants), a varied diet and very good water hygiene/filtration are important. It is better to change some more water than too little, goldfish pollute the water strongly with their high digestion rate.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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