Combat snails with pufferfish?


Can I combat snails with pufferfish?

I must urgently advise against using pufferfish as "snail killers".

It is of course correct that pufferfish considerably decimate snails and usually eat an aquarium snail free quickly, but what happens next? The fish require hard shelled food so they can grind down their "teeth" (better: dental ridge), just as is the case with rodents. Otherwise they will continue to grow until the fish cannot eat at all anymore. Sometimes it may be possible to shorten these ceratinous ridges, but that is an unpleasant and certainly undesirable procedure.

Almost all pufferfish very much tend to bite other fish, and are actually suited only for tanks in which they are kept on their own. Also, many of the pufferfish offered for sale require brackisch water, at least when they are adult, and cannot be kept in pure freshwater.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell



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