Snails multiply too quickly


A few weeks ago, rather small snails have appeared in my aquarium for no apparent reason. They now multiply at an explosive rate and almost have taken over the entire aquarium. Where do these snails come from? I did not add any new fish nor new plants.

possible reasons also include live food or a latent presence that has caused rapid mass multiplication due to some factor, such as accidental overfeeding or a dead fish not discovered (snail food!). Such mass multiplication of small snails is mostly due to small ramshorn snail species.

And what can I do against the snails?

The good news up front: Most snail species are entirely harmless in an aquarium if you keep an eye on the water hardness (snails withdraw quite some calcium from the water for building up their shells). Some species (e.g. trumpet snails) are even quite useful. If you nevertheless find them annoying, the first measure is to considerably reduce the food amount and to collect them or siphon them off. You can also use a fish food tablet in a snail trap such as the sera snail collect. 


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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